Let Peace Prevail

Countless times do we engage in arguments in a day over someone or something either at work or at home. Some of this arguments either end up in disagreements,agreements or otherwise.

Though it is right to fight for what we believe in or know we still have to control how these assertions affect our immediate environment and how people relate to these assertions.

It feels good to win, but how would you feel when you win leaving your immediate environment in chaos and brutality? Does that win worth celebrating? These are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves before engaging in arguments that could either foster peace or instability at our immediate environment.

Accepting defeat for peace to prevail in some situations is the best solution to the situation. Chaos and brutality rather renders our assertions and thoughts mean and inconsiderate therefore making us stupid instead of lifting our images in public.

I think letting go so arguments,assertions and thoughts would be the best way to buy peace for ourselves and our world.

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