Value Time

Each second of time is as valuable as each drop of blood in our veins as humans. Time if bettter managed can add substance to our long lives on earth.

Our action at any particular time in life goes a long way to affect the future we hope for. Each moment of time goes down as a record in our lives which can never be revisited or reversed. 

The question is how can we make the best of time in order for it to be as valuable as the blood in our veins? We can only make the best of time if we manage and attach precision, caution and importance to each  and every activitiy we do in time just to live our lives.

The sum total of time entitled to any human is the sum total of life he or she is entitled to live on earth.

Note that the more we make out of time is the same as the more we make out of our daily live.

Make time count in your life amd your life would count among lives on earth.

Thanks for reading…..have a good day

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