Kindness reciprocates….

Good repay for good and bad repay for bad . Just as our world is circular in shape so does everything inside it follow that principle.

Kindness whether given unto you or someone else lives to affect the life of another. There are several other people in the world just like me who are not happy with people going through hardships and not living the life they wish or desire.

As the saying goes “One act of kindness leads to another” it simply means that a simple act of kindness can go as far as affecting the life of another.

Success is not all about riches and affluence but fulfillment of goals and ambitions.

Take for example an individual who live with the goal of influencing other lives can simply achieve his goal by extending an act of kindness to someone with the believe that it would extend to another and that goal of could be achieved.

Embrace being kind and you could end up attaining your goal to success and as well leaving an indelible mark in the heart of someone for which you would be forever remembered.

Thank you for reading….God bless us all.😃😃😃

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