Keep being YOU

Sorry my dear readers for keeping you waiting all this while. Today is all about being your true self and doing you.

How often have you been look down on that you are not worth anything?  How often have you desired to be acknowledged for the smallest of things you do?

Just as the saying goes “Practice makes perfect ” so does our constant pratice of our beliefs, actions and intents grow up to become what we expect them to be.

Success is no shortcut to life, success is no get-rich-quick trick to apply to life that is why it take long to materialize.

We only hit success if we do ourselves in whatever we do in the long wait to success.

No matter how average, boring, self demeaning, insulting or abusive our actions and intentions may seem like they get to pay in the long term.

Succesful and famous people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and others attained success by identifying thier truth and  believing and working towards it in the long term to achieve the  success they have now.

Be strong to push hard for your  dreams, beliefs, actions and intents because they would bear thier fruits in the long time.

Thanks for reading….. Stay blessed.

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