The PEN is a success tool

How often have you taken your pen to write down your goals? I know that due to technological advancements, individuals hardly make out time for thier pens. In my small absence, I took time to analyse the need to have a pen as a success tool in our closet.

I figured out that the power behind our writings are based on our emotions and inner thoughts.

There is a saying that “a goal written is a goal half way achieved” I realised this by casting my mind over my success in 2017. I noticed that my goals that I wrote down were the ones I was able to execute and see them come to fruition.

Most of my goals that I just thought of and never wrote on paper were either forgotten or appear too cumbersome to achieve and so were left to die out with time.

I guess with my small testimony you may be convinced to know that not only is the pen mightier than the sword but it is also a valuable success tool.

Make good use of your pen and it would not fail you even if your dreams or goals expressed with it delays, they would surely come to fruition.

Thank you for reading.

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