Where is your Land of Dreams?

What is a land of dreams or opportunities if not a place where individuals discover thier dreams and aspirations and set goals towards achieving them.

Is it always a foreign land that can serve as a land of dream or opportunity? This I guess is a big falacy because your immediate environment can also be your Land of Dreams if only you allow it to be because every land on earth has it own challenges of habitation and survival but it depend on the dream finder to find solution to that problem to suit him or her thereby making that land his or her dream land

Just as there is sky over every land on earth so is opportunities on every land. It is left to us to discover the potentials of the land and cultivate them to become what we want them to be therefore becoming our dream lands.

I would wish to urge every individual to find hidden challenges and opportunities in their immediate environment and take good advantage of it and they would help in creating the dream land they wish for.

Thank you for reading and refering someone to this write up.

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