It’s better Unknown than Known sometimes.

I’m glad to know that it would serve good to our interest if somethings are left unknown to us. Many are the things we get to know that destroy us than build us, most of the knowledge we crave to have as individuals either add less value or no values to us  sometimes.

There are several things in life that are naturally hidden to us not with the mindset for us to discover them but being ignorant of them would help us live a guided and safe life.

Just as the quote above, I guess the bumblebee would have never flied if it know that aerodynamically it could not fly.

I think this saying “What I know affects me more than what I do not know”  best describe what I mean.

I would further urge all success hopefuls to take actions towards the knowledge they have now because too much knowledge and less action makes you less successful.

Thank you for reading