Criticisms; the wings of Success

Many at times I hear people say that bad news sell itself whiles good news is always driven around. I stopped to ask myself what would make a bad news fly on its own whiles a good news can’t.

Then I discovered that the ambiguity, uncertainty, unpredictiveness associated with bad news is what makes it fly other than straight and factual goodnews. Likewise is criticisms to success

Criticisms are early ambiguities,uncertainties and unpredictiveness accorded to our dreams, hopes,aspirations and goals but the questions is who criticise our goals for the best result if not us.

Just as the saying “ Careful thinkers are Careful doers” , we as individuals are the best critics of our own goals and ambitions.

Take time to criticise your goal and ambition because the bite is always nice in the mouth of the one eating.

My apologies to my cherished readers for my absence which was as a result of ill health but thank God am back now and hope to give you more good write ups.

Thank you for reading.