Own the Value not the shine

I know many people consider pieces of gold or diamonds as lustrous objects that are of very high value. I continue by asking myself why the need to confer such high value on objects that barely feeds, secures or rejuvenate human in itself.

I begin to accept the fact that I can have gold and still be hungry because unless I exchange the gold for something of value to life like food or water, I could die of hunger or thirst.

Research have shown that almost every human walking the face of earth have an idea going through their minds at a point in time but the most rewarding of all these ideas are the ones that contribute value to life of human on earth.

I went on to discover that individuals like Bill Gates, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and a host of others were rewarded greatly not for their intention to accumulate aesthetic values but to add tangible value to life.

I seize this opportunity to challenge all success focused individuals to look out for values they can add to life and they would be rewarded greatly like thier predecessors

Thank you for reading and do come back for more.