Your Root defines you.

Before a water body can be considered a river or a stream, it’s source counts in defining it as such.

Many at times, when people after the struggle and hustle have finally attain their success they tend to forget the root of their success and the hard work they committed to get it to where it is now.

An African proverb goes like ” The one drawing the line does not know if its crocked or straight unless the one behind tells him”

Our source or roots as human serves as a yardstick to guide our present or future. Many are those who were once very successful and wealthy but are no where to be found now because they could not allow their source or root guide their present or future.

I take this chance to advice all success minded individuals to look back to their roots even as they climb the success ladder in order to draw the perfect line of success they intend to draw.

Thank you for reading and do come back for more.