What does NO mean to you?

Many people around the world consider NO as a disapproval to something but the most unlikely truth is that NO means an approval than a disapproval.

In a social world like ours, I know people share ideas with others every passing minute of the day in the world and some of this ideas get either a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

In our inalienable self-centeredness you cannot trust a fellow enough to disapprove or approve your idea until you try and fail or succeed.

Most notable successful ideas across the world were at some point rallied against by others but as I write this now some of these successful ideas are still living with us now.

My call is to all success focused individuals to not let the NOs deter you from your goal because whatever you achieve at the end of the day is your concern most than that of others.

Thank you for reading and keep doing you because you need it.