Every Mistake is a New Style…

I remember when I was small, there was this phrase that we used to snub the opinion of others which read ” Every Mistake is a New Style” and it was our reply especially when we wear our shoes and forget to tie the laces of the shoe and instead leave it to drag behind us as we walk.

I sort to find inspiration in this phrase now because it is believed that the world’s greatest mistakes or failures became its biggest discovery and achievements. I guess the first person to ever think of traveling to space might have been considered the biggest fool the world has ever had at that time but now space travel by astronauts have gone far to the point of affecting lives here on earth.

What stops you from committing that blunder, go ahead and commit the blunder because it would be out of it that you would learn and get corrected or even be innovative or creative.

Many find it difficult to ignore the defying voices of naysayers all around them and end up throwing in the towel that enough is enough and they can’t continue any longer.

I would like to urge all reading this write up to adopt the phrase captioned above as a means to ignoring any contrary view that does not support, empower, encourage them to pursue their goals to a successful end.

Thank you for reading and I would do my best not to keep you waiting next time