How do you utilise your Blessings?

Every human alive in today’s world is blessed because the life you have is a blessing and not many have it the way you have it.

Also note that just because you don’t drive in flashy cars doesn’t mean you are cursed but the question is with as little or much as you are blessed how thankful are you for your blessings?

Let the world feel the touch of your blessings because even the thief is adding value to society by reminding you of security because that how best they can also touch the world.

I know many would disagree with me on this one but everyone is entitled to thier opinion and what I express here is mine.

Success or abundance grows when we are thankful or appreciate it more and spread it to those who do not have.

Learn to utilise your blessing well for you can only live the best life by affecting other lives around you positively.

Thank you for reading.