The Different Shades of Life

Lessons of life are learned in stages. Just as you can’t ask a month old baby to jump, so does life events happen in hierarchy.

Creator of our lives intentionally made life to be lived in stages so that at every stage we learn or gain the knowledge it would take to survive in the preceding stage in order to project continuity in life.

While writing this post, I remember my childhood days going to school, we use to sing a song which starts with a phrase that goes like “Life in this world is a great struggle both for the young and old” .

This tells that in life you struggle to be good or bad therefore the need to never give up on your fight to live the life you have.

There are many instances in life that people notice some reoccuring events in their lives. These reoccurring events don’t just happen because they need to happen but knowledge to be impacted at that stage in life haven’t been fully realised by the individual involved.

You fighting through each stage successfully makes you what you become after each stage.

I will further urge individuals to be the best they can be at whatever they do because a repetitive life is a stagnant life without progression.

Thank you for reading and be on the watch for more exciting and thought provoking write ups.