Stucked in the PAST?

The PAST of any individual is always the unpleasant events of their lives.

Many are those who find it difficult to apprehend some situations in their present life due to some PAST experiences they have encountered in those situations.

Most of these people forgo the opportunities that come with these situations, forgetting that “every cloud have a silver linen” and the need for them to go through these situations in order to win themselves the opportunities that come with the situations.

Note that, not everything that happens in one’s past life is considered PAST because the pleasant ones always serve as MEMORIES whiles the unpleasant ones are labelled PAST.

Remember that the PAST that we habor on ourselves create fear or phobia towards whatever that PAST is about and limit us from attaining our goal.

The best remedy to forgetting your PAST is to able to forgive not only those who hurt us in those PAST but ourselves.

The lighter the burden of your fear become when you forgive and let go of the PAST.

For this reason, I would urge all who want to be successful in life to forgive themselves and those involved in their PAST.

Anyway, allow me to set an example that, should you have issues with someone in your PAST who you never want to meet in life again only for that person to become your gateway to achieving greater heights would you leave your goal of achieving greater heights to not engaging yourself with these person?

Think about it and make a decision for yourself.

Thank you for reading.