When Intuition fails what happens?

For the sake of those who might want to know what intuition really means; Intuition is a feeling of prediction that one have over an incumbent event or situation.

Moreoften, some fairly gifted people tend to predict what could happen to them or others and even initiate strategies towards those predictions.

A common adage in my country (Ghana) goes like “You don’t count your chicks before they are hatched”. Our predictions of our future or that of others could fail if it is not a prediction of an attempt by someone towards that future and it outcomes which also vary from person to person.

Some individuals in older to avoid this predictions also tend to by-pass trials by seeking solace in mentors. But the truth is our uniqueness in identity and character would always come to play in varying situation we find ourselves and for which we can’t rely on all experiences shared with us by our mentors.

I further want to justify my stand that am not in anyway against mentorship because it also help throw light on situations and events yet to be encountered by others.

My call is simply to alert us on the importance of trying first hand to know if the future we predict for ourselves is attainable or not and learning to accept the outcome of that trial situation in order to make informed decisions and choices.

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