Recognise your Value

Many at time we fall prey to the praises and accolades of others to determine our values and essence. It is believed that every individual is unique in their own self and for that matter no two individuals are the same.

Our confidence,security, success and hope lies solely in our value and uniqueness. Due to our uniqueness we fit into some places and get left out at some places.

Like the saying “You don’t put square pegs in round holes” some of us are square in nature and others are round in nature and for that we would always not fit in on everything we do.

I would like to urge all success hopefuls to refuse to live on the praises, acceptance, approval, accolades of others and recognise their true worth and value because only then can they be able to live beyond the average or ordinary.

Remember to appreciate your value, essence and uniqueness because in them your confidence, success, glory, achievement,security and greatness would spring for the world to know your true value.

Thank you for reading.