The Truth of Love in Hate

Often than not, we take things for what they appear to be before our eyes than what they really are.

Many people wish they knew their actual enemies,haters,critics and racists in order to eliminate them so they can be free but as the saying goes “In every rumor, there is an iota of truth in it” so there is some level of love in these people we consider enemies,haters,critics racists and naysayers.

As hate crimes are becoming more in our graceful world, we don’t need political,legistative,judicial,religious,sexual/sexist or spiritual power to curtail it but love with the mind set of attracting love our of the hate so we can all leave in peace and (be each other keeper)<<<<this I rarely hear of.

The truth is all these people wish us well but in different direction that suit them and if we appear not to be going in that direction, they tend to do things that would force us or redirect our cause to their direction.

Sometimes these people when given the opportunity or second chance really comes to occupy some very vital parts in our lives leading towards our total transformation.

My simple message is for success mindful people to not return hate for hate but love because some of these love hidden in hate has the power to cause total transformation.

Thank you for reading.