Kindness Is An Opportunity

How do you see kindness? What does it feel like if you show kindess to others? Is kindness obligatory?

These are some of the questions among others we fail to answer as people showing kindness to others

Answers to these questions may vary from person to person but paramount in all these answers would be that kindness is not obligatory and the impression of being the solution to someone’s problem is that very satisfying.

Kindness in many ways does more good to us the doers than the recievers because in most cases we end up getting blessed and more so we become pillars of hope in the life of those we show these kindness.

As the saying goes “You can only live the best life by affecting other lives positively”. We also forver become part of the memories that affect their lives postively.

Due to the fact that we as doers or givers of kindness benefit more,it translates that we enjoy the opportunity of kindness more than those we offer it to.

With this little write up, I wish to urge all success mindful indviduals to seize the opportunity to do good to others because in doing good we benefit more.

Thank you for reading and keep doing good.