Have Yourself in Mind Too

24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we undertake several activities and actions which we accord to other people.

I know that there is a certain amount of joy in rendering services to other people but my most concern is that there are just some individuals who never do anything for their personal sake but always in the name of others.

These type of individuals are always prone to regretting most of the actions or activities they did for the cognisance of others. They are always filled with pain, hatred, and anxiety and sometimes even lose hope in human.

These feelings can be curtailed if we start working towards our own good and not apportioning our actions and services to others rather then ourselves. As it is believed that no one takes medicine for the healing of others but rather everyone takes medicine for their own healing.

Learn to do everything whether good or bad for yourself because in accepting your actions for yourself it aids in your growth and experience as human because life is not accounted for by the number of years you lived but by the amount of experience and growth you accumulated while walking the surface of the earth.

Through this write up, I wish to encourage all individuals across the world to try and find at least a little reason that benefit them in their day to day activities  because it’s only then can they live beyond the regret, pain, hatred and anxiety.

Thank you for reading and keep being mindful of yourself