Tradition or Mental Torture?

Diverse people across the surface of the earth have cultures that differ in several ways. Culture can be defined as the way of life of a group of people and in it has tradition that are accustomed to indigents of the culture.

Tradition as the definitive of culture have some practices that people of that culture must adopt in order to be identified with the culture and any action of theirs that go contrary to this culture is considered abnormal.

This burden of tradition has many implications on its practitioners some which span to people feeling alien to their own being.

Most psychological traumas nowadays is as a result of conflict that exist between people and their traditions. Sayings like “Tradition lives on” or “Tradition is tradition” and “Tradition never changes” could be blamed for some of these problems in society.

Others may justify the fact that behind every tradition there is a reason to which I beg to differ that not all reasons are applicable to everyone in a society.

Before traditions became part of society were mere simple ways by which people live their best lives. Why not we go back to those days that people lived without tradition conflicting their chosen way of life.

My argument with this write up is to simply explain to people the need to accept others for what they are because it is in our difference lies the strength we use in developing our world.

Be unique,ignore tradition if it stands against your being the strength to do you lies in you.

Thank you for reading.