Reality of the Budgeted Dream

There have been many talks, quotes and songs about why we need to dream big as individuals.

Talks on the above have been sank deep into our souls not just our hearts and we are expected to use it as a yardstick to our daily lives.

I know it will intrigue you to know that people are now highly afraid to dream big because of strict budget compliance they have to live by.

Currently, people dream based on their on budgets, thus , you dream big if you can afford the room for it and you dream small to be able to live within your budget.

With this happening, many more abilities are lost and many more can-do spirits are quenched making the world lose some quality dreamers and doers to the harsh financial crisis and the often preached fiscal policies of this world.

Bad have been praised over good because we can not afford the good and therefore would have to accept the bad for the good.

The global crisis of climate change came to being not just by human attitudes but by our frequency of condoning with bad over the good in the name of economic management strategies, budget strings, fiscal policies and the likes.

It is time the world wake up to this realities so we can fight in one accord to dreaming big freely and standing up for what is good over bad even in dire economic or financial times.

Thank you for reading and help me share this write up till it get to Greta Thunberg and Chancellor Angela Merkel on all their social platforms.

Thank you for effort in sharing this……. God bless you.