Realise your comfort and move beyond it

There are several talks and videos shared and written about on the internet on comfort zones and the need to move beyond them to achieve success but hardly do any of them really tell what a comfort zone really is.

There are people living in abject poverty would we say they are in their comfort zone? there are people living hungry would we say they are living in their comfort zone? there are people living in what appears as perpetual sickness and are they in their comfort zone?

Comfort zone when carefully look at could be seen as a tired,overburdened,motivation dead, inspiration lost situations in peoples lives that some people even don’t realize talk less of recognizing that it exist because they choose to forget or throw them under the sheets.

Even the most comfortable person in the world still have situations mentioned above in their daily lives that they need to wake up to and work on.

I want to set an example of what I am explaining above as a crying baby whose mother thinks he or she is hungry and try to breastfeed him or her but the crying never stopped because he or she was rather suffering from indigestion and needs a gripe water.

That is how motivations on comfort zone appear to those who don’t or can’t tell what really is meant by a comfort zone in their lives.

Remember a comfort zone is not always what you are comfortable with or feels less worried about but sometimes what you pay less attention to or what you forgot is wrong or bad and needs to be fixed.

Rise up and fix, repair,remember,realize,assess and reconstruct things known or unknown but missing,broken, shattered, lost,forgotten,thrown under the sheets in your life and you will be well moving beyond the comfort zone.

Thank you for reading and do share with others too.