Our biggest Weakness holds our greatest Strength

The first noticeable thing or trait on every human is our weakness or failure. It takes time for others to realize or notice our strength since its not easily noticed or identified.

I have discovered that our greatest strength come from our most criticized weakness or failure. To give clarity to this, I would like to make an example of a talkative child whose nature makes him appear as a deviant since he could not exhibit any physical prowess just like other children mean while behind that weakness of being a talkative lies his strength of good communication and strong marketing traits.

Please excuse me to use this medium to talk our women undertaking different body enhancements procedures for varying reasons cooked up by themselves and not their creator. The weakness, failure,criticism or disapproval that some of these women face that sometimes contribute to them deciding to undertake body enhancement operations or surgeries in order to be accepted or appreciated holds the key to their greatest strengths.

Pardon me to share a personal conversation that I had with a lady friend of mine who laments about naturally having a big bum or backside which has become the most noticeable thing on her rather than other good traits that she possess as a woman. I advised her that what she claims is most noticeable about her is the failure that people see first on her and that same failure is also doubling as her strength as it is acting as the bait that makes her catch the attention of this people. I continued to tell her that when ever anybody approach her to either abuse or take advantage of her in terms of sexual proposals or harassment she should reply them with a positive talk and alert them on the fact that the same backside that is attracting condemnation, attacks or sexual harassment to her makes it easier for them to approach her and she will see herself winning over presumed attackers,enemies and competitors into good supportive and protective friends.

All the talk above is to just inform you that your most noticeable weakness holds your greatest strength so embrace it and never deceive yourself into changing it because you are the only you on the surface of the earth and can’t be anyone another you than you.

Thanks for reading and please do share with others.