The Biggest Procastination of the Modern Age

Procrastination as known to the world is the mother of all laziness,excuses and unproductivity on the part of any individual. Procastination by definition would mean the consistent postponement of intended activity,goal or aim.

I would like to open your eyes to the fact that procastination is not all about postponement in our modern age but rather activity in futility. Example of such activities would include watching movies or audio visual contents on social media or television with the new introduction of internet based content production houses like YouTube, Netflix,Apple Tv and the likes assisting us to waste the productive hours of our dear lives.

With the current trend we always find ourselves stuck in time mean while the reality of our lives demand that we move or go as time goes. To further explain how we get stuck in time, I ask this question that what activity can one do alongside watching a movie and I anticipate the answer would be nothing why? Because you would need to concentrate your attention in order to understand the information being communicated through the movie and whiles you are doing this, the cast and crew of the movie are out and about other activities of thier lives whiles you are caught stuck in time trying to decipher the true meaning of the movie.

You see pure waste of time,I simply would like to remind all success focused individuals that in this time of lockdown in most countries of the world due to the coronavirus. Let’s not waste this little time bought for us by nature to read, listen and reflect on our conduct as humans by watching movies that would in no way contribute to advancing our lives.

Thank you for reading and stay home to save the lives of the rest out there. Happy Easter to all.