Short Term Feelings, Long Term Impacts

There are alot of people in this world including me who if given the chance to reverse the hands of time to correct some mistakes we regret would gladly accept.

This is because there are just several things we regret so much that we would wish for the reverse of the hands of time so we can make amends to these things.

One may ask, why must we be regretting these things now when we should have just done the right thing and not regret later. But anyways that is the nature of human learning and since we learn by mistakes we are always prone to committing one.

As avoidable as it is for some mistakes we commit, our short term feelings as individuals play a greater part in committing these mistakes which later have long lasting impacts in our lives even as our feelings before the mistakes fade before the reality of our mistakes don on us.

So the question is, for how long must we give room to our short lived feelings to be deciding factors in our long term decisions?

The answer to this question is best answered individually since people have reasons for doing what they do. But I will just suggest that we look carefully at these things before we make our next decision which hopefully will not become our next mistake.

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