Access builds Control or Power

Humanity have access to several of the world’s natural reserves and amenities, most of which we have exploited to enrich ourselves and as well outdo other competitors in the world.

We live at different regions of the world and have access to different natural reserves and amenities. This belief of access do not only come to play on large national or country levels but also on individual levels.

On the level of individuals, some of us are born into rich homes with affluence and influence and the more we build upon the affluence and the influence do we become influential and significant in the eyes of the world.

Now one would ask, does this mean that those of us born less priviledge do not have access? And the answer is NO because every living thing on earth have access but it is left to us to discover our access even as small or minutes as they might seem or appear.

I know you may be wandering now what has that access got to do with control or power and I will continue by quoting this popular saying that “practice makes one perfect” which is true in every aspect of it but in reality means having access and building on it to gain control or power because the leverage of control over other people or territories is power.

With this little write up, I hope to expand your horizon on knowing that the access you have currently is not enough and you need to build it up in order to have control over it and gain power if not you will fall prey to other people’s control or power if you refuse to build yours.

Thank you for reading and sharing it with others.

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