Make Your Vows Propel You

People all over the world consider vows as sacred promises that are a must to be fulfilled. The often traditional or spiritual connotations that are attached to vows making them sacrilege should they be contradicted by any individual alone put enough fear in people who even opt to undertake the venture. For this and many other attributes that it is adopted worldwide as a form of wedding conciliatory message.

Due to the above, it is widely known or believed that vows are more adhered to than regular promises. This strength of believe, fear and decision can be adopted in manifesting great successes in life.

Of all the successful people I know, there is one recipe that they always make mention of which is committment or consistency and this is mostly achieved when they make vows to themselves other than promises.

Guess you walking a long distance with no water,feeling tired and worn out, wouldn’t you want to stop somewhere to catch your breath before you continue with the walking? I know the obvious answer would be to stop andthis is exactly how it feels when pursuing your dream or goal.

It is often at this points that you need to put your promises aside and vow to fulfil your dream be it stand against you or for you, you just want to achieve it anyway.

With this much said, I wish to charge my success hopefuls to be armed with vows to succeed at whatever goals they are pursuing and i can assure them that with vows as thier fuel, they would run such a long distance before knowing it.

Please be charged you and you would succeed.

Thank you for reading and do come back for more.

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