Mystery of Failing Decisions and Choices

Every human on earth have this strong sentiment that comes in handy anytime we want to decide or make a choice.

This strong sentiment is what is known as our feelings or emotions. This sentiment has gain high control over some little things of life like the food we eat and the water we drink.

Our modern age has further promulgated the need for us to consider our feelings about almost everything before we pursue them and that may not be a bad idea on some grounds.

But I would like us to consider a decision which a person of influence in our life can make for us based on thier feelings or emotions about us. I guess by now, you would have disgust for the decision about to be made before it’s even get made.

That is exactly how we get to trample upon others when we are handed the opportunity to make decision or choices for others. This also contribute to the high number of failed, dormant and ineffective rules and regulations we have in society.

My simple remedy to this canker would be for us instead of doing what we feel is right, we do what we know is right because in doing that we satisfy not just ourselves but all others as well.

This is to remind my success focused individuals that in thier quest to achieve success,they pay attention to ignoring thier feelings or emotions when making critical decisions about goals or aims that would a affect a greater populace other than themselves.

Thanks for reading and share to illluminate someone.

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