A world in search of Happiness

I have observed for a while now that virtually on every social platform in the world now there is some percentage of persons looking for happiness and that number is steadily growing by the day.

I decided to ponder over what could be the probably cause of lack of happiness in the people of the world because some decades before now it wasn’t all about happiness and people hardly publicly come out to announce their unhappiness. My first question was; Is it because the world has become a global village that’s how come am able to identify this happening or I just wasn’t paying attention back then.

After deliberating on the issue for while i identified the fact that the world has become more corny than ever with lots of dishonesty, disloyalty, lies, untrustworthy people, greed and selfishness. This high level of carnage is resulting in less joy, less contentment, less happiness, less empathy,unforgiveness, selfishness camouflaged as self love (this is a topic for another day)

Unhappiness has resulted in a large number of the world’s population having depressions and anxiety disorders and an ever increasing number of drug or substance abusers  with compounding mental health issues. The world currently has a huge chunk of its population been people within the ages of 18 to 45 years but out of that huge chunk is just a hand few that are with the potential of becoming productive youths because should you take out the depressed ones, the mentally challenged ones, the drug abusers, the social miscreants what is left is just a hand few of the productive ones who are over working themselves to cater for the rest.

In this situation why won’t the world complain of unhappiness.  We have forgotten that we’re like cotton threads woven together to care and support each other for the betterment of the world and posterity.

My simple suggestion is let’s all try to see kindness as a moral right that everyone deserves and not a practice of influence to gain social fame. Let’s learn to be honest, trustworthy, faithful, kind, empathetic in our love lives, social endeavors, work and all other spheres of our life and the happiness that is lost from our world would return in it’s glory and genuineness because our lives are only as long as we’re happy.

Thank you for reading and do share to impact someone out there.

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