Never die with a word not said

The act of learning is born of out of mistakes and the perfections of today were born out of constant repetition of mistakes that have come to be accepted as norms in our daily lives.

There is a saying that “Out of the mistakes of old, the young learn their own” this simply implies that if no one had the courage to venture a mistake there wouldn’t be discoveries like Coca Cola that have come to be loved by the generations who don’t know that Coca Cola was a scientific research in a laboratory that has gone wrong leading to the discovery of the drink.

Am preaching this because many people have come to frown on creating room for mistakes and free speech thereby hindering potentials for much more discoveries about our lives and the world we live in.

Society considers a man showing emotions as weak, feeble and undesirable because they don’t display that tenacity to be of security to thier family and society meanwhile security is not all about looking fearful, ugly and mean but it’s also of food, water, feelings/emotions, conscience, compassion, loyalty and trust.

The list of the attributes I mentioned above are the list of things considered ‘weak’ in our so called modern world where everyone except the one’s considered ‘weak’ have become the predators feeding off the very things they considered weak in other people.

The question is , are we been fair towards our own kind with this predatory lifestyle and can this lifestyle encourage the longevity and not the extinction of our kind as first class animals in this world we have come to inherit from our forebears.

I don’t know what your conscience may be speaking to you at this moment but i will be very happy if everyone can be allowed to say whatever they can either stupid or sensible and everyone seen as a support system to the other rather than the predator and the prey kind of life that we’re living even though we’ve evolved way beyond the jungles our forebears have once lived in.

Thank for reading and allow it speak to your conscience.

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