Where is your Land of Dreams?

What is a land of dreams or opportunities if not a place where individuals discover thier dreams and aspirations and set goals towards achieving them. Is it always a foreign land that can serve as a land of dream or opportunity? This I guess is a big falacy because your immediate environment can also be … Continue reading Where is your Land of Dreams?


What is your preparation

Nothing in life happens on its own, there is always a causative agent to every reaction. Your preparation as an individual matters in all aspect of you attaining success in life. No building is hanged in the air but they lay on foundations and if do not have a good foundation you cannot progress in … Continue reading What is your preparation

Risk the Pain than Quitting

Several time we talk about the need to kill our fear in order to attain the future we crave for but the undelining fact about why we are always not able to give up our fear is because of the pain we presume associated with holding on than giving up. I want to continue that … Continue reading Risk the Pain than Quitting

Direct your Change

Each and every successful person at a point in life come to the cross roads of choosing the direction of change in thier life. Direction of change in your life does not simply mean accepting new ways of doing things but accepting those new ways to direct your goal towards success. Most of us don't … Continue reading Direct your Change