Keep being YOU

Sorry my dear readers for keeping you waiting all this while. Today is all about being your true self and doing you. How often have you been look down on that you are not worth anything?  How often have you desired to be acknowledged for the smallest of things you do? Just as the saying goes … Continue reading Keep being YOU

The Experience is worth more….

Life is learning journey and each situation or circumstance of life happens to teach us a lesson. I came to realised that people just don't say life is the best teacher because the enough experiences you have the more you have learned life's lessons and the better or matured person you would become. Not for … Continue reading The Experience is worth more….

Kindness reciprocates….

Good repay for good and bad repay for bad . Just as our world is circular in shape so does everything inside it follow that principle. Kindness whether given unto you or someone else lives to affect the life of another. There are several other people in the world just like me who are not … Continue reading Kindness reciprocates….

Create yourself

No individual is born a fool, stupid, rich, lazy, arrogant, poor,intelligent, smart, superior or inferior. There are times people say some others were born with silver spoons in their mouth but the rare truth is that individuals create themselves. The fact that you are born in rich home doesn't guarantee you an affluent future. Each … Continue reading Create yourself