Our biggest Weakness holds our greatest Strength

The first noticeable thing or trait on every human is our weakness or failure. It takes time for others to realize or notice our strength since its not easily noticed or identified. I have discovered that our greatest strength come from our most criticized weakness or failure. To give clarity to this, I would like … Continue reading Our biggest Weakness holds our greatest Strength

Realise your comfort and move beyond it

There are several talks and videos shared and written about on the internet on comfort zones and the need to move beyond them to achieve success but hardly do any of them really tell what a comfort zone really is. There are people living in abject poverty would we say they are in their comfort … Continue reading Realise your comfort and move beyond it

Reality of the Budgeted Dream

There have been many talks, quotes and songs about why we need to dream big as individuals. Talks on the above have been sank deep into our souls not just our hearts and we are expected to use it as a yardstick to our daily lives. I know it will intrigue you to know that … Continue reading Reality of the Budgeted Dream

Tradition or Mental Torture?

Diverse people across the surface of the earth have cultures that differ in several ways. Culture can be defined as the way of life of a group of people and in it has tradition that are accustomed to indigents of the culture.Tradition as the definitive of culture have some practices that people of that culture … Continue reading Tradition or Mental Torture?