What does NO mean to you?

Many people around the world consider NO as a disapproval to something but the most unlikely truth is that NO means an approval than a disapproval. In a social world like ours, I know people share ideas with others every passing minute of the day in the world and some of this ideas get either … Continue reading What does NO mean to you?

Own the Value not the shine

I know many people consider pieces of gold or diamonds as lustrous objects that are of very high value. I continue by asking myself why the need to confer such high value on objects that barely feeds, secures or rejuvenate human in itself. I begin to accept the fact that I can have gold and … Continue reading Own the Value not the shine

It’s better Unknown than Known sometimes.

I'm glad to know that it would serve good to our interest if somethings are left unknown to us. Many are the things we get to know that destroy us than build us, most of the knowledge we crave to have as individuals either add less value or no values to usĀ  sometimes. There are … Continue reading It’s better Unknown than Known sometimes.

What is your preparation

Nothing in life happens on its own, there is always a causative agent to every reaction. Your preparation as an individual matters in all aspect of you attaining success in life. No building is hanged in the air but they lay on foundations and if do not have a good foundation you cannot progress in … Continue reading What is your preparation