Where is your Land of Dreams?

What is a land of dreams or opportunities if not a place where individuals discover thier dreams and aspirations and set goals towards achieving them. Is it always a foreign land that can serve as a land of dream or opportunity? This I guess is a big falacy because your immediate environment can also be … Continue reading Where is your Land of Dreams?

The Experience is worth more….

Life is learning journey and each situation or circumstance of life happens to teach us a lesson. I came to realised that people just don't say life is the best teacher because the enough experiences you have the more you have learned life's lessons and the better or matured person you would become. Not for … Continue reading The Experience is worth more….

Be Persistent..

Be slow to carry out your target dreams and goals in order to identify the loop holes along the journey ¬†and find ways through which those loop holes can be covered in order for them not to affect you in future but be sure to attain your goals and aims. These are the words of … Continue reading Be Persistent..

Don’t limit your CHALLENGES….

Don't limit your challenges because they are the door openers to your opportunities.Challenges come into your life to give you that right opportunity to push you to greater heights. As the saying goes " Success does not come in one's comfort zone" that's why you need challenges to give you that discomfort and prepare you … Continue reading Don’t limit your CHALLENGES….