Mystery of Failing Decisions and Choices

Every human on earth have this strong sentiment that comes in handy anytime we want to decide or make a choice. This strong sentiment is what is known as our feelings or emotions. This sentiment has gain high control over some little things of life like the food we eat and the water we drink. … Continue reading Mystery of Failing Decisions and Choices

Short Term Feelings, Long Term Impacts

There are alot of people in this world including me who if given the chance to reverse the hands of time to correct some mistakes we regret would gladly accept. This is because there are just several things we regret so much that we would wish for the reverse of the hands of time so … Continue reading Short Term Feelings, Long Term Impacts

Accept it all….

Choices being the bases of life always open us up to choosing from variations, accepting and adopting the choices that we make in a life time. Most of us makes this choices because they are unalien to us but we are often not ready to accept the consequences that comes with our choices. Knowing our … Continue reading Accept it all….

Decisions like Choices

Our decisions are outcomes of our choices just as our choices the bases of our decisions. Each and every decision we make go a long way to affect us in life.  Just as the saying "we are what happens to us" our decisions predict our moods,choice of words, attitudes at certain moments, even what we … Continue reading Decisions like Choices