Be Mindful of the Fear you Entertain in Life.

I know fear has been preached to retard progressive actions, goals and ambitions but I don't think one has taken a careful look at the fear that promotes and progresses goals and ambitions.Severally, people get inspired to fight or work towards a course, goal or ambition. Certainly after all is said and done with individuals … Continue reading Be Mindful of the Fear you Entertain in Life.

The Different Shades of Life

Lessons of life are learned in stages. Just as you can't ask a month old baby to jump, so does life events happen in hierarchy. Creator of our lives intentionally made life to be lived in stages so that at every stage we learn or gain the knowledge it would take to survive in the … Continue reading The Different Shades of Life

Accept it all….

Choices being the bases of life always open us up to choosing from variations, accepting and adopting the choices that we make in a life time. Most of us makes this choices because they are unalien to us but we are often not ready to accept the consequences that comes with our choices. Knowing our … Continue reading Accept it all….