Short Term Feelings, Long Term Impacts

There are alot of people in this world including me who if given the chance to reverse the hands of time to correct some mistakes we regret would gladly accept. This is because there are just several things we regret so much that we would wish for the reverse of the hands of time so … Continue reading Short Term Feelings, Long Term Impacts

The Different Shades of Life

Lessons of life are learned in stages. Just as you can't ask a month old baby to jump, so does life events happen in hierarchy. Creator of our lives intentionally made life to be lived in stages so that at every stage we learn or gain the knowledge it would take to survive in the … Continue reading The Different Shades of Life

Every Mistake is a New Style…

I remember when I was small, there was this phrase that we used to snub the opinion of others which read " Every Mistake is a New Style" and it was our reply especially when we wear our shoes and forget to tie the laces of the shoe and instead leave it to drag behind … Continue reading Every Mistake is a New Style…

Decisions like Choices

Our decisions are outcomes of our choices just as our choices the bases of our decisions. Each and every decision we make go a long way to affect us in life.  Just as the saying "we are what happens to us" our decisions predict our moods,choice of words, attitudes at certain moments, even what we … Continue reading Decisions like Choices