A Good Servant is Worth Appreciating….

Hello world This one year of blogging have been a journey of learning,inspiration, motivation and above all positivity for me due to your unimaginable support and love you showed me on this platform I take delight in sharing my success with you all because your contributions, prayers, comments and likes have got me going all … Continue reading A Good Servant is Worth Appreciating….

Attitude of Gratitude

Several posts and advices have I shared with you my cherished followers and visitors. I know my posts and advices had impacted your lives and businesses and you decided to show me love through likes and follows. I wish to announce to you that with your help adaleteypaul.wordpress.com now has over ten followers and 50 likes so … Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude

Show Appreciation

Just as no human is an island and we all rely on each other to live our lives to the fullest so should we also show appreciation to who so ever we relied on to live our lives to the fullest.As the saying goes "Any country that do not honor it's heroes is not worthy … Continue reading Show Appreciation