Do More, Explain Less

I don't understand why explanations have become such a necessity more than what we do. I try to imagine an environment where everyone is trying to explain something and all I can imagine is more confusion and fustration because a single thought has several explanation to the point where the true idea behind the thought … Continue reading Do More, Explain Less

A Good Servant is Worth Appreciating….

Hello world This one year of blogging have been a journey of learning,inspiration, motivation and above all positivity for me due to your unimaginable support and love you showed me on this platform I take delight in sharing my success with you all because your contributions, prayers, comments and likes have got me going all … Continue reading A Good Servant is Worth Appreciating….


I guess most people wonder why they commit hard work to thier dreams but they end up failing and not attaining success. Our mind is one of the most important assets we have as human beings. Most of our actions and inactions are always premeditated that is why great philosophers always emphasis on the need … Continue reading Think RIGHT

Never Stop…

As times goes on in life it comes to a point where almost all individuals would want thier work either towards humanity or self to be appreciated by others. Some even go the point of belittling themselves just to win the praise or approval of others. This form of  appraisal is very suicidal because should … Continue reading Never Stop…