Honour matters in all

Day in Day out individuals across the length and breadth of this world show appreciation to each other every passing minute. Among the many that are appreciated, only a few are honoured, recognised and tagged with their success because appreciation is not as important to the giver than to the receiver. "Thank you" as a … Continue reading Honour matters in all

Do More, Explain Less

I don't understand why explanations have become such a necessity more than what we do. I try to imagine an environment where everyone is trying to explain something and all I can imagine is more confusion and fustration because a single thought has several explanation to the point where the true idea behind the thought … Continue reading Do More, Explain Less

Imagine it and you can have it

I can say for myself that almost everything ever invented by humans  was first created in their minds Our ability to imagine as human beings gives us control over our physical and spiritual exisitence I know many would think how can imagination affect my spirituality. If you have ever heard anything about meditation, you would … Continue reading Imagine it and you can have it