Stucked in the PAST?

The PAST of any individual is always the unpleasant events of their lives. Many are those who find it difficult to apprehend some situations in their present life due to some PAST experiences they have encountered in those situations. Most of these people forgo the opportunities that come with these situations, forgetting that "every cloud … Continue reading Stucked in the PAST?


The theory of the washing soap

Many of us in the world visit the market place to purchase washing soap for our laundry but little do we know of the washing soap theory. Our laundries are made of fabrics of different kinds but most often there are variations in the make of these fabrics and how to wash them in order … Continue reading The theory of the washing soap

The Different Shades of Life

Lessons of life are learned in stages. Just as you can't ask a month old baby to jump, so does life events happen in hierarchy. Creator of our lives intentionally made life to be lived in stages so that at every stage we learn or gain the knowledge it would take to survive in the … Continue reading The Different Shades of Life

How do you utilise your Blessings?

Every human alive in today's world is blessed because the life you have is a blessing and not many have it the way you have it. Also note that just because you don't drive in flashy cars doesn't mean you are cursed but the question is with as little or much as you are blessed … Continue reading How do you utilise your Blessings?