Embrace the Failure

Virtually everything in life comes in two, a male to a female, a day to a night, an up to a down and so it goes on. A success without a failure is no success to stand the test of time. Just as the saying goes "Every cloud has a  silver linen " so does every … Continue reading Embrace the Failure

Keep Pushing Till It’s Done

As the saying goes" Practice makes man perfect" so is it necessary to keep doing what we are doing and never give up even if we are tired or criticized.Our continuous practice and perseverance will takes us to the height we dream of.Considering the adage "Rome was not built in a day" tells us that … Continue reading Keep Pushing Till It’s Done

Don’t Quit

The beginning of any success doesn't seem big until it is fully realized. The attitude of determination and perseverance is what makes it looks big after it reaches it's peak. Before a baobab tree grows to look big and giant to the  amazement of people it perseveres through droughts and hard times. An individual's hard … Continue reading Don’t Quit