Every Mistake is a New Style…

I remember when I was small, there was this phrase that we used to snub the opinion of others which read " Every Mistake is a New Style" and it was our reply especially when we wear our shoes and forget to tie the laces of the shoe and instead leave it to drag behind … Continue reading Every Mistake is a New Style…


I guess most people wonder why they commit hard work to thier dreams but they end up failing and not attaining success. Our mind is one of the most important assets we have as human beings. Most of our actions and inactions are always premeditated that is why great philosophers always emphasis on the need … Continue reading Think RIGHT

Kindness reciprocates….

Good repay for good and bad repay for bad . Just as our world is circular in shape so does everything inside it follow that principle. Kindness whether given unto you or someone else lives to affect the life of another. There are several other people in the world just like me who are not … Continue reading Kindness reciprocates….

Create yourself

No individual is born a fool, stupid, rich, lazy, arrogant, poor,intelligent, smart, superior or inferior. There are times people say some others were born with silver spoons in their mouth but the rare truth is that individuals create themselves. The fact that you are born in rich home doesn't guarantee you an affluent future. Each … Continue reading Create yourself