Have Yourself in Mind Too

24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we undertake several activities and actions which we accord to other people. I know that there is a certain amount of joy in rendering services to other people but my most concern is that there are just some individuals who never do anything for their personal … Continue reading Have Yourself in Mind Too

You don’t need the Company

Success is not in the mist if the crowd. Your success as an individual solely depend on you and no one else. Sometimes you might need the crowd to make the journey worthwhile  but you can't rely on the crowd to attain your success. Every human being has a unique fate or destiny that only … Continue reading You don’t need the Company


Care, Love and Kindness are some of the essential things in life and giving them to others is just as rewarding as giving them to yourself but your consistent practice of them can ¬†also make you lose sight of the things that matter in your life. No one in life dies for the other but … Continue reading YOU MATTER

Busy with Relevance

Getting our hands tied down by work can be really tiring. More often we don't get busy trying to add up to our lives but rather we get busy with things that cause little or no change to our lives. We as individuals don't get busy to live a healthy life but we are busy … Continue reading Busy with Relevance