Do More, Explain Less

I don't understand why explanations have become such a necessity more than what we do. I try to imagine an environment where everyone is trying to explain something and all I can imagine is more confusion and fustration because a single thought has several explanation to the point where the true idea behind the thought … Continue reading Do More, Explain Less


Criticisms; the wings of Success

Many at times I hear people say that bad news sell itself whiles good news is always driven around. I stopped to ask myself what would make a bad news fly on its own whiles a good news can't. Then I discovered that the ambiguity, uncertainty, unpredictiveness associated with bad news is what makes it … Continue reading Criticisms; the wings of Success

The PEN is a success tool

How often have you taken your pen to write down your goals? I know that due to technological advancements, individuals hardly make out time for thier pens. In my small absence, I took time to analyse the need to have a pen as a success tool in our closet. I figured out that the power … Continue reading The PEN is a success tool