Give up the mediocrity

Nothing stays the same in an ever changing world and nothing will stay the same forever. This is true for most part of the word but not to the determined individuals who will fight tooth and nail to make the uncertain certain.

Most of us grow up with the above catch phrase being spelt out to us severally and it has been sank deep into our core that we live a life of uncertainty and never believing that commitment can change our uncertain minds and lives.

True the world changes and true the world would not be the same forever but it’s not fact that the determined few in the world would not achieve because of the changing nature of our world.

I will use myself as a clear example of how certainty can mean permanency in ones life. For five years of my life after graduating from tertiary and starting this blog, I was unemployed but i was assisting at the Administration unit of a firm (name withheld) as a casual supporting worker. Through out that five years of my life I was constantly convincing myself with hope and dreams  of securing permanency with the firm and my immediate boss often encourage me to keep on with the dream and that the door of permanency would open soon. Severally I have been frustrated, broken and on the edge of giving up to join the host of other unemployed youths engaging themselves in deviant activities all in the name of making ends meet.

To cut my story short, I am happily and permanently employed with the firm after five years and most of it was due to my certainty in mind and constant pursuiant of the fact the I am 100% sure that I could make it and not half way uncertain that it could go wrong.

This is to emphasize that our beliefs influences our realities and our belief could determine the life we live from now till the time we discover the truth to it all.

This write up is just to pinpoint the fact that we can achieve if we believe and certain in our minds and body that it will be just as we believe it to be.

Thank you for reading and keep the faith strong for whatsoever you’re looking up to. God bless you for holding on.

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