The Different Shades of Life

Lessons of life are learned in stages. Just as you can't ask a month old baby to jump, so does life events happen in hierarchy. Creator of our lives intentionally made life to be lived in stages so that at every stage we learn or gain the knowledge it would take to survive in the … Continue reading The Different Shades of Life

What does NO mean to you?

Many people around the world consider NO as a disapproval to something but the most unlikely truth is that NO means an approval than a disapproval. In a social world like ours, I know people share ideas with others every passing minute of the day in the world and some of this ideas get either … Continue reading What does NO mean to you?

Speak Up

Growing up as a child, an old wise man once advised me that those who ask questions were never mislead in life because the questions they ask direct thier path in life. I have come to realize that humans are gradually growing to become loners due to our fervent use of social media platforms. Social … Continue reading Speak Up

Criticisms; the wings of Success

Many at times I hear people say that bad news sell itself whiles good news is always driven around. I stopped to ask myself what would make a bad news fly on its own whiles a good news can't. Then I discovered that the ambiguity, uncertainty, unpredictiveness associated with bad news is what makes it … Continue reading Criticisms; the wings of Success