Do More, Explain Less

I don't understand why explanations have become such a necessity more than what we do. I try to imagine an environment where everyone is trying to explain something and all I can imagine is more confusion and fustration because a single thought has several explanation to the point where the true idea behind the thought … Continue reading Do More, Explain Less


Criticisms; the wings of Success

Many at times I hear people say that bad news sell itself whiles good news is always driven around. I stopped to ask myself what would make a bad news fly on its own whiles a good news can't. Then I discovered that the ambiguity, uncertainty, unpredictiveness associated with bad news is what makes it … Continue reading Criticisms; the wings of Success

It’s better Unknown than Known sometimes.

I'm glad to know that it would serve good to our interest if somethings are left unknown to us. Many are the things we get to know that destroy us than build us, most of the knowledge we crave to have as individuals either add less value or no values to us  sometimes. There are … Continue reading It’s better Unknown than Known sometimes.

What does Failure mean to you?

Failure as an everyday occurrence in human life is always regarded for the wrong reasons because of the word fail. One thing predominant to every human is the potential to negate or affirm the reality of anything in life. Our negation or affirmation of thoughts in our minds and hearts is what manifest in the … Continue reading What does Failure mean to you?