A world in search of Happiness

I have observed for a while now that virtually on every social platform in the world now there is some percentage of persons looking for happiness and that number is steadily growing by the day. I decided to ponder over what could be the probably cause of lack of happiness in the people of the … Continue reading A world in search of Happiness

Give up the mediocrity

Don't give up just because you can't give up but with the believe that it can be best if not better

Mystery of Failing Decisions and Choices

Every human on earth have this strong sentiment that comes in handy anytime we want to decide or make a choice. This strong sentiment is what is known as our feelings or emotions. This sentiment has gain high control over some little things of life like the food we eat and the water we drink. … Continue reading Mystery of Failing Decisions and Choices

Make Your Vows Propel You

People all over the world consider vows as sacred promises that are a must to be fulfilled. The often traditional or spiritual connotations that are attached to vows making them sacrilege should they be contradicted by any individual alone put enough fear in people who even opt to undertake the venture. For this and many … Continue reading Make Your Vows Propel You