Mystery of Failing Decisions and Choices

Every human on earth have this strong sentiment that comes in handy anytime we want to decide or make a choice. This strong sentiment is what is known as our feelings or emotions. This sentiment has gain high control over some little things of life like the food we eat and the water we drink. … Continue reading Mystery of Failing Decisions and Choices

Make Your Vows Propel You

People all over the world consider vows as sacred promises that are a must to be fulfilled. The often traditional or spiritual connotations that are attached to vows making them sacrilege should they be contradicted by any individual alone put enough fear in people who even opt to undertake the venture. For this and many … Continue reading Make Your Vows Propel You

The Power of Examples

The human life is basically characterized by examples that has evolved through time and generations. As it is believed, that there is no new thing that hasn't been known before now but what we have now are just the advancements of the old. Naturally, humans learn by copying and imitating and in that regard fall … Continue reading The Power of Examples

Be Mindful of the Fear you Entertain in Life.

I know fear has been preached to retard progressive actions, goals and ambitions but I don't think one has taken a careful look at the fear that promotes and progresses goals and ambitions.Severally, people get inspired to fight or work towards a course, goal or ambition. Certainly after all is said and done with individuals … Continue reading Be Mindful of the Fear you Entertain in Life.