Access builds Control or Power

Humanity have access to several of the world's natural reserves and amenities, most of which we have exploited to enrich ourselves and as well outdo other competitors in the world.We live at different regions of the world and have access to different natural reserves and amenities. This belief of access do not only come to … Continue reading Access builds Control or Power

Short Term Feelings, Long Term Impacts

There are alot of people in this world including me who if given the chance to reverse the hands of time to correct some mistakes we regret would gladly accept. This is because there are just several things we regret so much that we would wish for the reverse of the hands of time so … Continue reading Short Term Feelings, Long Term Impacts

The Biggest Procastination of the Modern Age

Procrastination as known to the world is the mother of all laziness,excuses and unproductivity on the part of any individual. Procastination by definition would mean the consistent postponement of intended activity,goal or aim. I would like to open your eyes to the fact that procastination is not all about postponement in our modern age but … Continue reading The Biggest Procastination of the Modern Age

What you appreciate you become

Day in day out we come across alot of things in our everyday lives that we are attracted to. The more we are attracted to these objects and persons, the more we appreciate them and value their existence in our lives. Our appreciation of these objects and persons get us closer to building strong ties … Continue reading What you appreciate you become